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Same Day Denture Relines And Repairs

Kawartha Denture Clinic can facilitate same-day denture relines and repairs. We will arrange your visit so that you can come in, drop off your dentures and pick them up later that same day. Call us to arrange a same-day visit to keep you looking your best.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures are an acrylic resin replacement for complete upper or lower natural teeth. By choosing custom-fitted dentures, you can improve chewing and speaking while also helping encourage facial muscle support. Complete dentures are used when the client has lost the majority of their teeth on the top or the bottom. Contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment for an evaluation.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are recommended if you still have some teeth remaining but wish to maintain the stability of your alignment. A partial denture is fitted to replace one or more missing teeth. A custom fitted partial denture will make chewing and biting easier as well as improving the appearance of your smile. Call us to schedule an appointment or find out more about partials.

Denture Implants

Denture implants are an alternative to traditional dentures. Connected to the jawbone or sometimes to a synthetic framework, an implant is a foundation for an artificial tooth. They can also be used to attach bridges and dentures. If you only have a few missing teeth, this can be a more convenient permanent solution compared to dentures. Contact us for more information on implants or schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

Denture Soft Liner

Soft Liners are a soft polymer material adhered to the inner surface of dentures that provide a soft but supportive cushion between your denture and your gums. Soft liners can be applied to new dentures and old dentures as well as partials. Soft liners can often be scheduled for same day service. Contact us for more information.

Cleaning & Polishing

Kawartha Denture Clinic provides cleaning and polishing services to bring your dentures shine back to just like new. If your Dentures are starting to stain or you just want to refresh them, we can help. Cleanings can often be booked for same day service. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

Emergency Denture Repairs

Dropped and chipped, damaged or broken dentures can be repaired. Never try to repair or alter your dentures yourself. Home repairs will not last long and may cause gum irritation. Repairs to poorly fitting or broken dentures may be required on occasion, accidents happen. Contact us to arrange an emergency repair.

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